It's a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Caesar

It's a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Caesar

Everything you want from a Portuguese chicken dinner. Salty, brininess, and spice! The white wine pairs extremely well with the olive brine which adds acidity and punchy flavours that can stand up to the peri peri.



2 tbsp Peri Peri Spice Blend

½ tbsp Instant Noodle Chicken Flavour Soup Packet

1 tbsp Sea Salt


  • 1oz (30 mL) Gin
  • ½ tbsp Peri Peri Hot Sauce
  • 3 Dashes of Worcestershire Sauce
  • .5 oz Olive Brine
  • .5 oz ReaLemon* Juice
  • 2 oz (60 mL) Sauvignon Blanc Wine
  • 5 oz (150 mL) Mott’s* Clamato* Reserve


  1. Rim glassware with peri peri spice blend, instant noodle chicken flavour soup packet, and sea salt.
  2. Add Gin, peri peri hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, olive brine, ReaLemon juice, and sauvignon blanc wine. Add Ice.
  3. Top off with Mott’s Clamato Reserve. Stir well.
  4. Skewer olives, feta cheese and chicken together. Garnish with the skewered items.


Skewered Olives

Feta Cheese

Roasted Chicken

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